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The basics to maintaining a Healthy lifestyle are pretty simple but may not be simple to follow.
  Many of the things necessary for keeping your health up, are probably already known to you. 
Unfortunately there really aren't any quick/easy ways to loose weight or "get healthy".    Looking for an easy way to loose weight while staying healthy may or may not always be possible. Hard work and dedication are usually the key.  The following are a list of things that can help you stay healthy and increase your chances of living a healty happier life.

Note: I noticed that many peaple come to this site looking for information on lime burning calories. While that may or may not be true. The real question is will you acutally loose weight from eating limes or lime juice. If it causes you to burn calories, that would mean it has raised your metabolism. A raise in metabolism usally leads to increased hunger which would likely cause you to eat more. It seems like you might do just as well drinking coffee which at least suppresses your appetite.

Keep a healthy diet:
Focus on eating plenty of vegetables with lean meats.  The oldest person at the engineering company where I used work is a Vegetarian yet there are several people 20 years younger than him that look and act far less healthy. I'm not saying you should be a vegetarian but don't overlook the importance of vegetables in your diet. Also, a diet high in a wide range of nutrients (vegetables) should also lessen you risk of cancer. The USDA http://www.mypyramid.gov has a useful site that can guide you on how much and what type of food you should be eating.  The site also gives you the ability to track your food intake and has other useful tools. Lately I have found a couple of things quite usefull in loosing weight.  The first thing that I havve been doing is having an egg for breakfast.  This seems to help me go a long time without feeling hungry.  Secondly I have been getting more sleep. This seems to have a significant effect on how hungry I get durning the day.  Thirdly I really go out of my way to avoid sugar.   This might be hard at first but I think if you slowly get your body used to not eating sugar, it will become easier.  The benefit of not eating sugar /sweets is that I am less hungry in general.  I find that if I eat something sugary I will be craving food the rest of the day where as if I don't eat sugar I am less prone to craving food.   I think too if you are doing something active it might help you avoid hunger.  http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_ca r.htm      

A New Study Out ( ~Oct, 2008~)

A new study has come out saying that the more you eat the more your body will want or ask for food.  This goes against some of the advice I had given in the past.  It looks like the less you eat the less you will feel like eating, maybe?

    Something that makes me think that this might be true Is that I just spent 2 months traveling through Europe and the Middle East.  A typical day for my wife and myself consited of 8-10 hours of walking and very little food.  More interestingly is that we weren't hungry either or we would have been eating.  Sometimes we wouldn't eat until dinner.  I think the combination of the walking and heat may have curved our appetites.  Anyways,  even so I didn't loose much weight maybe 5 lbs from 210 lbs to 205 lbs (I used to be a decathlete).  But when I returned home I still didn't have much of an appetite.   What I'm trying to get to is that it seems that during that vacation I broke a pattern of eating which I have continued from a time when I had engaged heavely in sports.  Although I didn't loose much weight during the vacation, when I returned home I've lost about 15 pound in about 2 months with little to no effort.  I think the main difference Is that I haven't been working a normal 8-5 job, instead I have just been siting around the house building web sites,  the important thing to note is that I have been sleeping much more than I used to. I think this keeps me from getting hungry and I hence I loose weight.  I think sleeping may be more importand than I previously thought. Also, I keep loosing weight and feel very healthy ( I don't believe I'm sick in any way).   

Get enough sleep:
It may not seem like it but getting enough sleep does several things to keep you healthy.  If you are tired you will tend to crave sugar for it's energy, which means you it's a lot easier for you to pack on the pounds.  Of course, you will also be more susceptible to diabetes. Furthermore, if you sleep less you will be awake longer giving you more time to eat and gain weight.  You are also more likely to be depressed  if you don't get enough sleep.  So, make an effort to get enough sleep.

Exercise is crucial to maintaining health: 
Keeping a regular exercise should increase your daily energy levels while greatly increasing your chances of living longer.  With 30 min of exercise daily you should see significant improvements if you aren't already exercising; even if you are just walking.  The important thing is that you stick to a schedule.  If you don't have a schedule that you follow then you might feel good about yourself because you can say the you did some exercise but it's not really helping. You might as well done something else.  A schedule is very important even if it is just three days a week. If you are really interested in buring fat then your exercise should last longer than 45 min.   After about 45 minutes of exercise your body will start converting fat into energy so you if walk for an hour then you are burning fat for about 15 minutes (this is one reason that loosing weight is so difficult). The longer you make your workouts the more likely you are to burn fat.  If you work out for 20 min you probably won't burn fat.  You can usually tell when you start converting fat into energy because you will hit a point where you fell more tired.  This is because it is harder to convert fat into energy thus making you more tired.  Remember when you start your exercise routine don't make it too hard. Your plan should be to keep the exercise routine going for years. If you go hard for a week and then quit you're not helping yourself nearly as much if you go easy and keep it up for several years. Also, try and find ways to enjoy your exercise; you'll be more likely to stick to it in the long run. One thing to watch for when exercising is that your appitite will increase.  Beware not to get in a habit of eating more than you need.

Brain Health:
Your Bodies health is important but don't forget to keep your brain healthy.  The following site has several ways you can do this.  http://www.alz.org/brainhealth/overview.asp  Following, the steps we have already talked about will also help with brain health.



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